Naming Consultant: Anja Bauer Minkara
Art Director/Designer:
 Maja Bagić Barić


Every good story is narrated from the beginning to the end, yet that is not how it lives in the memory of the reader, listener or spectator. We remember parts that have moved us, have become a part of our memory, as they are relevant to us, and will always evoke in our minds meaningful associations.

 Fabular’s visual identity portrays accents that are positioned diagonally and not in a row. Some details are sharpened, such as the letter F, while others, like the letter B, is warm, friendly and rounded, resonating with positive optimism the way good stories should do.

Fabular branding agency creates brand strategies that inspire a positive change in the consumer’s psyche. In order for the brand to succeed in the market place it needs to narrate a strong and differentiating brand story. Every brand story has the brand foundations, which are brand positioning, brand image and brand touchpoints.

Fabular’s visual identity was designed by internationally acclaimed creative director Maja Bagić Barić of studio KO:KE creative farm.

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