We have defined the brand strategy, the new name and the slogan of the new brand of winery as well as the premium wine variety called Babić, which is still not widely known.


Marija Butković, one of the most well known Croatian makeup artist with over 20 years of experience and a leading expert for permanent eyebrow shaping, has launched a new brand of beauty cosmetics called Marra. It was a great challenge to penetrate a saturated market with powerful and irreplaceable positioning.

The Melegran

The Melegran is a new stylish boutique hotel that has opened its doors in the old center of Rovinj and for which we’ve created a brand story, brand name and visual identity.

Omnizon Networks

Rebranding the leading EDI provider in Southeastern Europe in order to help expand their business in the Austrian and German markets


Rebranding of the leading company in the apartment rental industry in SE Europe. 


Algebra is the leading private education institution in Croatia, but due to its strong development and growth, the brand has faced several major challenges.


Q is one of the fastest growing IT companies in Central Europe, operating through five global offices in Los Angeles, Belfast, Paris, Oslo and Zagreb HQ. Despite its incredible growth, Q’s brand was vague because the name didn’t mean anything and the visual identity was outdated.


Stories is the new association of unique luxury hotels in Croatia that encompasses 17 carefully selected hotels.

Baby Center

Baby Center is the leading Slovenian brand of children’s equipment. Despite being in the market place for 25 years, the brand lacked emotion and was only synonymous with baby equipment.