We developed the brand strategy, brand architecture, brand story, new name, slogan, and visual identity for Apsolon, one of Southeast Europe’s leading consulting firms.


We have rebranded Zarja, the largest tomato producer in Croatia, and created the new brand name Rajska (meaning heavenly tomatoes). 


Uroni is a new brand of scented candles made from soy wax. We created a brand story, a new name and slogan, a visual identity, but also the product design of the candle itself.


With headquarters in Zug, Switzerland and offices across the world, Mitto offers an advanced communications platform for some of the world’s largest enterprises and mobile operators.

AIREX® My Space, My Time

We have defined the new brand story, key taglines, brand video, as well as visual standards and communication materials for the Swiss brand AIREX®, the world market leader in the field of training and therapy mats.


Ikador is a new luxury boutique hotel & spa, located in the coastal town of Ika on the Opatija Riviera. We created the hotel’s brand and communication strategy, name, slogan and visual identity.


We worked on the brand strategy, slogan and visual identity for Olive&Spice, a new concierge travel service brand from Istria.


We have created brand strategy, name, slogan and visual identity for a new hotel in Rovinj, Blubini Heritage Hotel.


Comeleon is the first Croatian conference on organizational culture, hosting the world's biggest experts in the field of agile organizations. We created Comeleon’s brand strategy, name, slogan and visual identity.